Before and After: A $1,300 Bathroom Makeover with Fancy Spa Vibes

Bathroom Makeover

Sure, a spacious bathroom is nice—but style matters, too. At Martina Gieske’s home, the master bathroom had a lot more of the former than it did the latter. “It wasn’t terrible, in fact it had a great layout with plenty of space which we enjoy having with three little ones that all like to crowd around while mom and dad are getting ready for work,” says Martina, who blogs at The Lived-In Look. “But it was full of builder beige complete with the nostalgic ’90s cultured marble countertops.”

There were problems beyond the look, too: “It seemed like all of the materials were just degrading over time and it didn’t have that relaxing spa-like feel we were craving,” Martina says.

Over two and a half months, Martina and her husband remodeled the bathroom themselves on days off work—and because they DIYed it all, they were able to keep costs to a cool $1,300 for the whole space.


These DIYers put in serious sweat equity to get this luxe payoff.

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