antique mirror in your bedroom

If you want to give your room a classy and elegant look, antique mirrors will do that for you. Antique mirrors are fashionable and appear unique when placed in the bedroom or the bathroom. While some people may consider the antique mirror archaic, the look that they give is farContinue Reading

How to Find Your Pad Style

It may be our first time ever owning a home or a living space where we have the freedom to turn it into any style of our choosing. But how do we find our style? Here are a few ways to give you a head start on creating your styleContinue Reading

hyrangea Pee Wee, hydrangea

  It’s no secret that gardening requires effort and time but if you have a busy schedule or a propensity perhaps to sit and relax then here’s five low maintenance garden plants you should include in your garden. Most of these plants will give you good ground cover which willContinue Reading